10 Tools to Begin Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Following these steps will remove the jumping frog from your stomach.

Yes, everybody is confused and terrified about starting something new.

The only way to break comfort is to act on things. If there is any other way, let me know too.

 If you have been thinking about starting an affiliate website, these are the simple steps through which you can get started immediately and keep working.

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Starting an affiliate website is relatively easy, provided you have a simple roadmap. Unfortunately, some people overcomplicate things, or they just put their complicated thought process on paper.

What have I done differently?

I figured out what are the bare minimum steps required to get started.

Once you know these steps, you can start RIGHT NOW.

You have to trust yourself and keep acting. Other things will unfold as you keep working.

Affiliate marketing is not like you will learn it all and then start working. This mentality comes from the traditional schooling which we all go through.

This mentality does not work after school or leaving home. 

No tutorial can teach you anything if you are not ready to gain from experiences.  

And experiences come only by moving forward and acting on things.

I have made sure this reading should not go in vain. 

If you keep on searching for some secret for getting started with affiliate income and websites, you are never going to find that secret.

Why? Because there are no secrets to hard work and consistency.

Act as if this is your last chance to start your own business, and you will get ahead.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

Technical things needed

Technical things needed for affiliate website

Domain name

As you all know, a domain name is a website name through which a user can go on your website.

Most people, including my clients, are so stuck in domain selection they drop the idea of getting a website.  

Remove fears

If you, by any chance, get an incorrect domain name, that is not going to end the world.

You can always change your domain name later if at all it matters that much to you.

Below are the simple steps I have mentioned to get a good domain name.

Some people directly state go-to name suggestion tools. That is where the problem is. They are helpful, but most of the names are not worthy. And The ones who are already registered.

So, I have given you a few examples based on which you can start thinking of your site name.

All the blogs mentioned are followed by me and are doing quite well in their space.

Before Reading the site names

  • One rule you should not break. Always stick to a .com domain. It is better that way. 
  • Once you are successful in this venture, then you can experiment with other domain extensions.
  • No numbers, if you can.

Brainstorming a Domain name

Your Name

It helps you make a personal brand. No research needed. 

If not comfortable using your name, then move to the next step.

Catchy Names

Here are the blog names I mentioned above. These are great simple blogs that also do affiliate marketing.

  • Bloggingherway.com – A simple blog name that speaks directly.
  • The content Bug – Creative name hard to connect what the blog does. It is okay because she has a youtube channel. So promotion was easy.
  • Startamommyblog.com – A blog that possibly deals with or helps mommys start a blog.
  • Sassyzengirl.com – Catchy word + element of being + identity/individuality. We come to know a girl blogger with something on zen but not boring by looking at this.
  • Yukireads.com – Speaks directly. A blog which is about books and views and possibly opinions.

Try to avoid these

  • whatshotblog–Do not buy domains like these. They are read in two ways what shot blog or what’s hot blog.

To Come up with names.

Finalize a letter for your domain name and then search verbs, adverbs and adjectives starting with that letter.

Say Letter B – Best, Bingo, Bare, Blast etc.

Try matching them with another word you may have in mind. 

If you want, you can add keywords as well. Keywords are words searched by users on google. 

Like this site has an “affiliate” keyword in the domain name, so you too can have it.

Say you want to start a site on a specific product, you can add that category name.

  • Bingo furniture
  • Bingo homes
  • Bingo Recipe – If you plan on a recipe blog.
  • Bingo books – A book blog. This is another example of having a rhyming domain name.

Do not get very specific names like bingo side tables. This will not allow you to scale your site in future if you want to write about Queen beds.

Make a list of 10 names.

Then shortlist five and then two and then one last name.

Do not give more than 30 mins for this process. Else you will be stuck in options and combination.

And as always, no final result. Instead, you will be exhausted and then finally leave. 

Fast Budget Hosting

Hosting is something that is required for websites to get online.

In simple words, you have some files on your computer, but I cannot view them.

Because your computer is not online or those files are not on the internet.

By buying hosting, we put our website, which means files, on the internet so that the world can see it.

hosting for affiliate website

This is the only reason we require hosting. Else there is no other reason.

Hosting is the most daunting question for all the beginner in affiliate marketing.

People suggesting hosting take it so deep into the analysis that you are launching the next space project.

My simple view is

There is no perfect hosting.

Everybody recommends Bluehost, even though I recommend Bluehost.

Yes, they are slow at times, but that should not bother you that much.

The reason is you want something on a budget, and if it works well, you can anytime scale on things.

So till the time you are ready to scale up, just start with the basic Bluehost plan and get started.

Recollect any of the successful businesses. They always start very small and very cheaply and then scale up as and when required.

If you want another excellent suggestion as a beginner, hostinger is also good web hosting. I do have that as well.

If you keep on searching the reports, downtimes getting started will be tough.

You will always be stuck in the selection process, and the options are endless.

I am talking from my personal experience. I am in a technical field, and searching for hosting bothered me the most.

Which affiliate hosting to choose

Because of the analytical ability to get into every last detail.

And this delayed my work for at least five years.

I always had this question: what if the website is down, if some visitor is visiting, what if this goes wrong, what if that goes wrong.

If you keep at this, you will never be able to start your business. And you will never know what could have happened.

My direct and straightforward suggestion is to get Bluehost hosting or from hostinger and get started immediately.

Free domains to get started. 

Both hosting providers give it.

Let me tell you that this website is not hosted on either of them because this website has more traffic, and I moved it to a dedicated virtual machine.

Initially, I, too, started with a Bluehost once you are done with hosting. Set up wordpress and get started. 

Why wordpress?

The best platform to customize and manage. Affiliate marketing is about tracking and making good decisions based on users and markets. This is possible quickly with wordpress.

With that, let’s check what we can promote. Or what you should encourage as a beginner affiliate marketer.

Product to promote

I hope you have started your website or it is under construction. Once you are done with the above step, the second step is to think about the product we are going to promote.

Initially, you will not do not have any product to promote or any experience with product promotion.

That’s fine will have given specific steps through which you can have a good idea of what the product is and how better it would be.

 First of all, you need to finalize a product which you are interested in promoting.

You can find this product by looking at yourself and thinking about what you bought in the last one or two six months.

Grab any one product from it and see whether it is available in the affiliate market.

If it is a good or daily use or personal use thing, it should be available on Amazon, and Amazon has its affiliate program.

You can sign up for the affiliate program and then use the links given by them in your blog posts.

If you cannot come up with any of the products which you have used in the past months then,

Think of a product which you always wanted to buy.

You can go through the reviews of that product and make some essential notes while you review.

Watch the YouTube videos on that particular product again and make notes from that.

Once you make notes, you will have a more incredible picture of how the product would be beneficial and its uses and drawbacks.

You can use this information and elaborate it in your own words and create a blog post out of it.


While writing blog posts, always keep in mind what will make you buy the product? If you are reading this.

When these products are reviewed, it means there is an affiliate program for them. Find that as well.

In most cases, almost all of the products are available on the Amazon affiliate website.

If it is a software product, then there are many options and many affiliate networks that promote them. 

It is recommended you search these affiliate networks after you have at least 40 blog posts. So your site looks credible.

Else your application will be rejected.

If you are interested in digital products, try Clickbank and or digistore 24. But remember, it will take time to get sales from these programs.

I recommend amazon affiliate

Start writing content on your blog based on products available on Amazon or Target(the site) or any online eCommerce Store.

You can write a review about furniture or a table to buy. What are the top 10 tables you should grab?

These are the articles I should start with.

These are easy to write and are loved by readers.

Once you get the hang of all the things, it gets less boring. 

How they work, how the links are placed, how the article is written will reveal the process perfect for yourself.

Then you can start exploring and gain Momentum in your affiliate journey.

So What types of articles can you write?

Content Articles


As mentioned above, you can start with review articles. These are the most in-demand articles. 

List Articles 

You can review one single product or create a review of 10 different products or a list of 10 other products.

You can review one single product or create a review of 10 different products or a list of 10 other products.

Suggest to The Reader that the product will be beneficial for them and who can use it. Try to answer the questions

  • When Should you buy it?
  • Who needs it?

And write a conclusion that if it were you which would you have preferred, how the user should select a particular product in short.

This is a free plugin that also comes with a paid option. But for beginners, the free option is the best and works quite well.

You need to install this plugin because it makes the handling of your affiliate links relatively easy and tracks it beautifully.

Why do you need a pretty links plugin?

It makes it easy to use affiliate links. Helps track them easily. And you do not have to remember irritating links or number.


Affiliate links are very nerdy looking URLs. Like


This URL is my affiliate link to generate press themes. The theme is in use on this site.

After using pretty links, the URL turns into


Which link would you prefer?

I hope the second one.

So now, in future, whenever I have to link my generation press affiliate link, I will link like this.

A Good Theme GeneratePress

When I created the link, I will be manually able to recollect adn paste the link. Because it is my website nae and /gp for generatepress.

This is relatively easy to remember, and I do not have to find and copy-paste the link every time.

You may think this is relatively easy and do not need software for this.  

The reason you need is, when you start promoting multiple products, you will not be able to keep track of each product. That is why this is quite beneficial.

Once you start using it initially, you will not have to worry about any transformation later on.

Because later on, it becomes challenging. To migrate and manage links.

Grammarly Free

This is excellent software that helps you figure out the mistakes in writing. Moreover, it does all of this free of cost.

When we are writing, many errors get passed by even in the review stage.

Grammarly not only helps you correct the grammar but also suggests sentence reconstruction and makes it easier and great to read.

With scores and goals in terms of how you want this article to be. Whether informative or general.

It comes with a Google Chrome plugin and works with MSWord as well.

Google Docs is supported in beta.

And they have their website in which you can create a new document and edit it over there.

I hope you did not find much error in this article.


If you are following the steps correctly, then I think now is the time to tell you about promotion.

If you have not, then go to Bluehost and get started with your affiliate website.

Your blog will get into Google, but Google will not start sending you traffic immediately.

Google takes time or any search engine for that matter.

So you cannot keep waiting for traffic to arrive.  

Thus we need to promote our blog.

My promotion strategy.
  • I use Pinterest. I create 3 to 5 pins for each of my posts.
  • I post them at different times, and then I wait for the traffic.
  • I keep on experimenting with traffic as most of my audience is from the United States. So I have to schedule it based on the EST time zone.

Now Pinning or using Pinterest is an entirely different game. But to get started, you can follow Anastasia blogger’s YouTube channel.

You should not require any other resource to get started. 

Only Watch the latest videos because Pinterest has changed specific things. So she has covered them in new videos.

And always remember, a course is not going to help you when you get started.

When you start doing things, you get experience, and then your mind starts to connect the dots and give new ideas.

And that is when you get to see the results.

So get started.

Basic Pin Plan I Use

  • Write good content with users’ concern.
  • Create 3-5 Pins.
  • Post them on a Pinterest account for your website.

Create a business Pinterest account. It is free.

PIn on Pinterest and keep track of how your pins perform. For this, you need a business account.

For updates, I follow the channel named Anastasia.

You can use any other social media platform to promote your blog.

It can be Facebook, and it can be YouTube. It can be Twitter or Instagram.

But to promote a blog, I would highly suggest that you have Facebook or Pinterest as your most substantial option because the feed does not vanish like Instagram or Twitter.

With YouTube, it takes time to create videos. Instead, you can channel this energy into writing blog posts.

You can create a rule that I will start making videos after writing a hundred blog posts. This would be a good promotion strategy, but then again, it will take time.

So keeping this in the second phase, you can start sharing your blog post on your Facebook, or the Pinterest strategy we have is a better option.

Now it’s time to check some Personal qualities.

Which are required to be successful? Whether it is blogging or teaching.

Personal things needed


One thing which makes a venture successful is consistency. When you start your affiliate site, you will not be excited every day. 

This excitement does not sustain your affiliate business. What sustains is your discipline and consistency.

You will face challenges, sometimes technical, sometimes logical. To overcome, only one weapon named consistency works.

Where does consistency apply in blogging?

Writing consistently new posts.

Publishing post on a fixed schedule.

You are publishing your Pinterest pins on a fixed schedule.

You are keeping faith/belief in what you are doing.

These may look like only three points to you, but these are the essential points required to be successful.

These are not my personal opinion. These are the opinions of my last ten years experience in the office and with my clients.

Find or follow any successful blogger or business owner, and these qualities will remain the same.


In the world of Instagram and Facebook, we are getting used to instant gratification.

Everything is on a click. So yes, when you are a consumer, everything with a click is a great idea.

When you become a creator, a blogger or a YouTuber, you have to be consistent for at least six months.

When you are consistent by taking small steps on a day to day basis, within three months will start getting results.

They will be good to keep you going. But this is only possible if you are patient enough to see the results.

And always remember growth in blogging or affiliate marketing is not linear growth. It is always exponential growth.

But for exponential growth requires consistent effort in the initial days.


The person who stops learning is a person who stops earning. 

It is as simple as that. Gone are the days when you learn something and keep using it repeatedly for profit without innovating.

If you want more then, you need to learn more. And learning in today’s world is relatively easy. I would say it is the easiest task one can do.

In all environments, things will always keep changing. And you will have to keep learning and be updated on all these things.

Remember learning is the new Currency – Affiliate Curry.

To Write Better

I know there are mistakes in this article which you have read. 

But I cannot hold myself back from writing this article. Because the information given is to the mark, and it is coming out of the experience. 

So just for some grammatical errors or sentence Constructions, I thought I should not hold back.

At the same time, I am trying to learn grammar.

And trying to construct easy sentences. Making the experience of The reader better.

This means I am regularly learning and trying to implement what I have learnt.

Headline Making

This is the most in-demand profession which is grabbing the stage right now.

The readers read the headline and then decide whether they want to read the article or not.

And this is the only chance for you to help the reader click on your article and get them to read it.

This comes over some time. So don’t expect the first article headline will be the perfect one.  

You have to keep pushing, keep writing and keep learning.

Below I have shared some resources through which I learn about content writing, headline writing and many more things.


If you are following these steps, then congrats on your new affiliate blog. But please keep working. All those videos are fake which tell you to earn $1000 hourly.

Getting started is the most important thing for anything in life.

If you are still not happy, please let me know in the comments if you have any more questions.

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