9 Sure Ways You Won’t Make Money

All talk about wanting and making money. Today talk to your inner sense and the resistance which stops you from making money.

Pit Stops are ok on the road to success, meeting potholes will change your direction.

You shall Never make money if you are trapped in any of the things mentioned below.

We all want to make money in today's world, but the problem is we do not have a correct path. 

If you are in a hurry

And to find that part we try to search online and keep searching on and on.
Finally we come across courses, classes and many more things which you think will show you the correct path.

Of course courses give you the correct path provided you know which course to take and will you be following it to the end.

The main problem with online courses is that they are easily available. They are cheap and we keep on buying one after the other. This is one of the greatest problems of all time.

And this is not just about courses, but buying money, making blueprints among others. This is the reason most of the people who come online to make money end up losing money.

I have even wasted money in the past.

Below printers will not tell you how to make money. Instead will help you to keep yourself on track.

Lets start with

9 Sure Ways You Won't Make Money

1. Searching Next Big Thing

Your search for money making starts with reading on websites and then moving onto suggested courses. Once you are done with that you move onto checking reviews and eligibility of the courses.

Nothing wrong with this. 

But the problem is there is no stop button. Once you start searching for these, there are so many courses, people, and products which will teach you how to make money blogging and many other ways.

Before you settle with these suggestions and compute what is good for you, the next big thing happens.

You are introduced to Crypto.
After spending 3 to 5 days you realize it's very volatile and not for me.

Now you are a sitting duck. Again you start searching for money and you are introduced to affiliate marketing.

If you are convinced in this stage watching more videos willo again confuse you.

Stating you need ads budget or a technical know how. Or you want this service without it you cannot move forward.

This way the internet never allows you to take any action.

You are stuck in searching for money making apps or channels. And YouTube does this better than anyone else. Keep you in the watching loop.

This happens due to the following reasons.

  • You want money fast.
  • You want money without effort
  • You took online making making easy
  • You do not know how business works.

Even if you start one thing the consistency is of 7 days to the max. I know because I have seen my clients doing the same.

Telling me you do not know business. This is What assuming online money making is easy, does to your thoughts.

Finally, all your energy is drained and you have wasted some dollars.

Now you are no more interested in starting your online business or even starting a blog.

This is also known as Shiny object syndrome. Instead of finalising on one thing and working on it with consistency, you just keep on searching for the next big thing.

Example for you:

Consider an Online course which you have completed and make use of it for making money.

What Needs to be done?

You have to make a decision: how are you going to make money? 

You have to give time for planning, not the entire planning of 20 years just for the next three months. 

What are you going to do?

And do those things for the next three months and repeat those things again for another three months.
And based on the work you will have feedback whether it is working for you or not.

But do not leave it before 1 year or at least by 8 months.

No one is able to do this. This is the reason if you see how many people start guitar classes and nobody ends up playing a guitar beautifully.

Moving onto next,

2. Searching Apps

Now if you are searching to make money online you always end up with YouTube videos suggesting crap that this app will make $200 for you.

That is not how money is made. You need to know how money can be made.
Money can only be made when you help someone accomplish some task which is unique in some or the other way and they are willing to pay for it.

Or it can be a simple task which helps people save time, then money can be made out of it.

Why would someone pay you $200 for doing some small task on an app?
Why do websites like Facebook or Google do not not pay you like this? Even they want more subscribers or users.

By just spending $10 these companies can have massive changes in their marketing. 

Think about it while these people are not doing that and other apps which do not have proper vision or proper infrastructure are providing you with money.

I am not saying that you won't get those $200, probably it's a long shot. But you may end up getting $200 but,

What's the use of $200 after 6 months of working on that app?

In the meanwhile, you could have learnt web development and become an app developer and launched at least two to three good apps.
Which would have increased the possibility of earning money through ads.

Or any other skill can be acquired easily in six months.

3. Surveys

Many bloggers too ask people to join survey sites. I know they pay for surveys and sometimes do p[ay well.

If you want trash cash it is okay. But of you want sustained business then you know the answer.

I am not satisfied with what it takes to give a survey and What gives us a return.

Why do you want to give your precious time for such things while filling in the blanks?

Time is money. Make your time worthwhile.

This is because of the job mentality which we have in our minds.

You want a surety that by the end of the road, that it has to be some dollars. 

Doesn't matter how much slogging you have done. I want at least the Megre payment. I do not want the Mega payment.

Surveys take a lot of your time, and the cost benefit ratio is completely useless in surveys.

What can be done?

Start a blog or start writing on medium.com which will give you some base to make money online. Or start learning a skill.

 As Gary Vaynerchuk says, 

Give people content free of cost and they will start to like you and follow you.
And once you have this audience you can always tap in to make money. By offering great service.

Give people content free of cost and they will start to like you and follow you.
And once you have this audience you can always tap in to make money. By offering great service.

This is the only simplest form of doing things there is nothing someone is going to teach you. 

Yes marketing, social media and some small technical things are to be learned. 

4. Clickables

I see people on my Quora profile ask me for the best website for clicking ads and viewing ads.

Do you know how precious your eyes are?

If you care for your eyes you will not be doing these cheap jobs which are good for nothing.

For one click here to get 0.01 since I don't even know how much that comes in any currency. 

How much does it take to get a dollar?

If you want to do this type of work go outside and ask to do some service to someone who will pay you in exchange. That 1 hour of work and 1 hour of clicks are never going tobe the same.

As I already told you, money is only available or given to those people who solve one or the other problem. 

Why would someone pay you just for clicking? And watching their videos which are useless. Watch videos for free on youtube which will enhance your skill.

This is my humble request. If you are still looking for clickable types of things, stop doing that.

What can be done?

Instead study about online titles, which is the hottest thing you can study right now.

Because based on titles people are willing to click, it is said that 8 out of 10 headlines are gone unseen because they are not invoking any emotion or motivation.

If you are so into clicking, learn these things. These will pay you like $100 per 10 headlines when you become good at it..

Why not learn some skill that no economy or government or anyone can take away from you regardless of what the situation of Economy is.

5. Watching Videos

Listing have divided into two things

First one is watching videos to get some money.

If you are not aware, people do pay you to watch youtube videos from different channels, and they make money out of it and give you pennies. This is a harsh truth.

So possibly if you are into this, please leave it. If you ever come across it, do not ever join it. Because that is not going to help you make dollars and make all worries go away.

As I told you always understand how precious your eyes are not based on money.

You may say that you do not have money for starting your own website.

Go outside, do some physical work, save some money and start a website from that money.

This was the first one. The second one is,

keeping you on the Youtube bandwagon. Watching YouTube videos one after another for no reason or addition to your life.

Now this is something which you and I struggle with.

Information is good, too much information is not good is a simple rule.

People keep on watching house tours. What is the use?

Are you motivated to build a house like  that and start improving every day? NO! You keep on watching more videos.

Due to YouTube people have become so confident in them that they are not willing to try anything which they are not aware of

Sure Ways You Won't Make Money

When you are searching about a topic YouTube starts suggesting you more and more around and about that topic. 

You keep on watching the videos one after another thinking some magic formula is going to arrive to get you head start against all others.

YouTube is making sure that you stay on the platform and users are making sure that you have content to watch and you never worked on whatever you are doing.

This is how your energy is drained and you never start your work.

And when another day arises you again start with watching some more videos.

Before you start anything worthy, your energy drains again. And this keeps on going like a rut.

What can be done?

Start by searching who are the best YouTubers in your field of work. Watch one or two videos of each of them and make a group of 5 YouTubers only, out of the hundred you may have found.

Watch their videos and finalize them for subscription. 

So do not worry you are not going to lose any information from other youtubers in the same space.

This is what fear of missing out does to you. Keep away from information overload. This is the way.

Next start working on your learned skill set. Only watch videos when you are really stuck. Not for your fun or dopamine love.

Do not watch full videos, always make a note of points you think will be useful in the future.

In this way you won't have to search that video again in your history. And you will always have the information handy.

Getting to the next things comes from suggested videos on submitting articles.

6. Posting Spin Content

This is for people who think that they can trick search engines or huge platforme and make money.

Give people content free of cost and they will start to like you and follow you.
If you do not know spin content is something people copy the content from another language then they convert it to English.

After that they find websites which help them spin the content, which means it translates or uses synonyms instead of the words and structures the content in such a way that it cannot be seen as a copy.(Only to human eyes.)

After this they start posting on websites which offer them money for the articles.

Understand this whenever some website asks you to write content and pays well, they have a team of people which helps them select the articles.

They will always reject the articles submitted with these methods. They have human eyes and senses. No machine can match that.

So instead of trying to trick the system or search engines, Why not write genuine content and make money out of it.

Why take shortcuts when there are no shortcuts?
And history has always shown that whoever takes the shortcut never lasts for long.

Another form of websites which pay for some takes to be done.

7. Paying Websites

This is about the task based websites which give you one dollar of 50 Cents or $5 to do some task.

These websites pay you to do tasks like downloading an application, filling a form or getting a credit card lead application.

Sure Ways You Won't Make Money

But why do you want to waste your time doing these things for someone to earn and 5 are $10. And mind well they will not always pay you. They come up with creative excuses.
So 8 out of 10 times they won’t pay you. If you want to check, remember it comes at the waste of your precious time.

Why not build something sustainable with your precious time?

So that when time comes it will be able to pay your rent, take care of your day to day life, help you live life worry free. 

Even for students I would say this is not a sustainable or feasible thing to do.

Instead of doing this, go ahead and learn programming and learn app development. There is so much free content through which you can learn everything online. 

What to Do ?

Instead of searching these websites, try to develop some skills on how these  real websites can be made.
So that people can work for you and you make the actual money.

Because in business your customers are important but what you make out of it is more important than that.

Or try to think upon an idea which will help you generate money.

There are ample of Ideas you can go through and start your website and earn some decent amount of money over a period of time.

The only thing that separates you from these things is not willing to put in the effort.

Another way to waste or be fruitful depends on you.

8. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great resource. No one would agree on the opposite.

For me, these are real time-wasters. 

Because we get one piece of Information and waste our time scrolling on a hundred different pieces of information which we are not related to.

If you have that control in you when you can just post the information you want to post or get the information you want to get and get out of Facebook then you can certainly use it beneficially. But this does not come easily to everyone. Else it is a complete waste of time

The other thing I do not like about Facebook groups is what affiliate marketers are telling you. 

Or a YouTube video is trying to tell you what needs to be done to make free money.

You do need to understand that there is no concept of free money. You have to work for money.

You have started believing that you can get something for nothing, and that is the reason you are not able to make money online.

And if someone says they made money by clicking on websites, I think you are mature enough to figure out on your own how many clicks one can make and how much money one can make out of clicking. 

This brings to our next point,

9. Spamming

Now, if you come across how to make money online, you may have certainly heard about sharing your affiliate links or referral links.

Sharing your links is good when you have your own following. When you have your type of people which follow you, trust you have faith in you.

9 Sure Ways You Won't Make Money

Else if you are still sharing the links in someone else's group in some or the other way there are two problems in this

  1. Everybody in this type of group or service is there for selling affiliate stuff. Nobody is there for buying so you won't end up making any money.
  2. Sharing links in groups or services is also called spamming.

Why do you think all the good and better websites like Facebook Quora and Pinterest have blocked external links or spammy looking links?

There is a reason.  When people are in the group or service they are there to gain some knowledge or to gain some information.
And you're going there and putting in links points to a very rare chance of clicking and buying. Even if they click they won’t buy anything.

This is what marketers are telling you to do. And they themselves are paying for ads and showing you the results of thousands of dollars.

Users are not in the buying mode when they are in a group. Also instead of trying to get this working in a  group why not build something of your own. 

The following which will help you. 

What to do instead?

Again I would say try building something trustworthy and useful for people. You will automatically generate the following.

Once there is the following you can automatically sell services or products or request them to check the product if they like it they buy it.

You will not have to rely on a paste and praying method.

Where you pray someone clicks on the link and buys.

This is the simplest form of affiliate marketing or promotion of any product can be done.

10. Copying Others

The first thing you can do is stop copying others.

The problem with copying others is they have evolved their method of making money. 

And you directly trying to copy that would never help you.

There won't be any method which will give you instant results or instant money.

Sure Ways You Won't Make Money

When your copying others you do not have any identity of your own. Of course you will copy certain things like funnels or email marketing or certain designs. 

What I'm trying to say is if this post was copied from someone else you won’t enjoy it much. Possibly some of you may have already read it and you may leave immediately. 

I may have come up with this idea somehow from reading somewhere, but the writing is based on my experience.

What to do instead?

Try to make the work you do better than anyone else.

Even if you take the idea, you can always add your experience and brain experiences to it.

In this article I have given my experiences which I have had personally and with my clients.

These are called insights.

Placing the same thing which is already on the Internet and not giving it your own flavour will not help anyone, neither you nor the reader.

Give your own flavor to everything which you have so that you you and having your own type of audience


Please I am not asking you for a course or subscription. Please check for these things when you are starting online. 

Always remember by doing the work and putting in the effort you will certainly build sustainable income streams some of which may be passive and some of which may require certain involvement.

But doing these things will make it certain that you will never make a penny online and you'll just keep wasting your time.

Please let me know in the comments if there are any other time-wasters according to you.


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