10 Practical Mindset Shift For Starting Your Blog | Or Side Hustle

For any successful execution, we have to clear out minds first.
You will find many insights from this article only if you are patient enough and ready to see the reality.  

This post is my personal experience of the last ten years. I've observed and gained with my friends, colleagues, the office I worked in, and now with clients.

If you are in Hurry Just have a look on these pointers. Else read it with patience.

You may think I have talked a lot about money going further in this article. If you are reading this, means you want more in your life. This post is not just related to starting your blog.

It could be related to starting your Bakery or a food joint or whatever you want it to be.  These pointers are just the tip of the iceberg.

But these tend to play an essential role in making things happen.

I have put in many tricky or hard-to-digest points. These I have experience with and observed meticulously. 

I have also mentioned what I have done to overcome them.

Which may not resemble with you, or you may not be ready to accept them, that's fine.

Try to ponder on your thoughts.
Try to see which pattern or behaviors are blocking your first step.

It is not something to point at you or to make you feel down.
The direct experience is shared to make sure that action is taken.

For action breeds betterment of the life, of financial, and blogging journey. – AffiliateCurry

Ready For Mindset Shift For Starting Your Blog

1. Doubting yourself

One thing we all have in common is self-doubt. Firstly it is human nature to doubt. Other we are constantly instructed in childhood either by our society or parents.

Whether you are in a job or working on your own, or just a student, we all have self-doubt. 
Sometimes it's every thought or occasionally sneaking in from unknown places.

We always choose the path of comfortable environments.
That is free of or are less of risk and responsibility. There is almost always certainty in everything we do.

These types of environments give you a living. But nothing remarkable life has to offer.
Self Doubt is a common problem for the majority of us around the globe. We need to overcome it.

What do you think the successful people did not doubt themselves?

They did! But they go on doing things anyway.

They are more about getting things done instead of thinking about the possibility of uncertainty.

They think about the possibility of certainty.

Similar ways when you have to start a blog, you just keep on calculating all the things like,

Whether this will be successful, that will be successful, will my time be wasted, and many more things. 

Due to this, you will never be able to start a blog.

Possible Way to Tackle

In my last ten years of experience, I have understood that you will never be ready for anything.
So blogging will always be out of the league. 

You just have to start doing the thing with some essential planning.

And it unfolds and rewards you as you progress further.

Example Story

Doing things or getting started is like your school days.

In school days, we do not know the word doubt. We are free from all shackles. All we are concentrating on is learning numbers and making it happen.

You don't remember the numbers when you are studying, but after some time with practice, you do.

When upgrading your class, you have to tackle a new situation which is adding the numbers.

Initially, you are not capable, but with practice, you can.

And this is how we spend our 10 to 12 years of schooling.

So, according to me this is the best approach you can have to outcast doubt.

“Inaction breeds self doubt”

2. Decision Making

It is again connected with upbringing and thought processes. 

We decide based on past experiences given to us by deciding factors of people around us.

Even if you are a manager, there is minimal scope for you.

Decisions made by you are very local and impact very little.

When I was a manager as an IT architect, I know what decisions I  used to make. They are like practice decisions.

You are sure about all the scenarios and very well versed with most of the things.

So this I use to call Action replay of decision making.

And students, it is pretty easy just to ask your parents or friends (Who know nothing more than you about life).

And in college, you make a small decision without giving much thought to them. 

But if you notice from where did the decision making come from, parents or people influence it.

And in the thirties, you come to know that half of our life is or was designed/influenced by society and the parents.

And then it's not late, but we become too lazy and comfortable to run our brains.

So if you want to start blogging, the main thing can make decisions.

There will be a lot of decisions you will have to make in the blogging journey.

And there will be no one to guide you in the decisions. 

People can guide you like this blog is doing. You will get guidance on how to get started? What are the pitfalls? 

But the decision part whether this applies to your blog is entirely up to you.

And how you make use of information is only in your hands. No one else can do it for you.

How did I try it?

I did this is with an army type of Mindset.

Instead of being exhausted in decision paralysis, meaning thinking of many things and possibilities at a given time.

I used to pick the first task or topic my brain pointed to, and I started working on it. 

If it was a failure, I used to start a new one and gain experience from failure.

I know you or everyone cannot follow military-like decision-making.

But if you have observed, decision-making does bring much fatigue.

3 out of 5 decisions were successful, and the rest were not. So I was pretty happy with this strategy.

You can try this with a less strict schedule or severity, like one article 15 days target. From there you can increase it.

3. Payday Addiction

Purely for the nine to five people. Even I was into the 9 to 5 job. And in information technology jobs, it is never till 5. It will always extend till 8 or 9 o'clock.

The reason you are not able to start your blog or side hustle is that you are addicted to your salary. 

And I heard it in some motivational video that. 

“Salary is the WORST addiction.”

The thing about a job is it pays you money even if you work one day or 15 days out of the 22 days for just 4 hours or 3 hours.

And for that reason, you are in your comfort zone, and there is nothing one can do to change you.

Our friends are there, the cafeteria, the life is easy.

The only day one feels happy or sad is payday. Pleased with the money in hand and sorry for not having enough money.

But soon, the happiness fades away once the money is gone.

We are ready to lower down the bar of happiness or even wants. But are not prepared to get out of our comfort zone.

What I am trying to say is you are not doing anything to increase the salary or make something of your own.

Increasing money flow through blogging or side hustle will need effort, time, and dedication.

In similar ways, increasing salary will need you to change the game and learn more skills.

And whatever requires time to gain money, you do not do it.

How I did it?

I pushed myself to get a job due to my parents, and later on, I started enjoying it.


Because I was able to buy gadgets and some self-gratifying things.

But later on, when the stress increased and the materials did not matter, I felt like I was in a cage.

I earned a handsome salary. But since the beginning, I wanted something of my own.

And I had this feeling that I need to be my own boss.

I hate it when someone asks me what happened to that ticket? and I never wanted this.

So I started working on my side Hustle with two of my friends. And then we landed up with clients.

We had all the technical experience, so this WordPress thing was relatively easy for us.

And the catch was we started helping clients at no cost.

And in 3 months, we had 40-60 paying clients, and I immediately left my job.

I was earning 1/32th part of what I was making in salary at that time.

But it did not bother me because I had no liabilities.

What can you do?

Try finding out something you like or are willing to learn. 

And learn it for the next 2-3 months. Then start pitching things to clients or start with your specialty blog or website. 

Then in 2-3 months, you will have a platform. Now you will be ready to start monetizing.

4. Short Grinds

When you are in a job, you grind for a week, and then you receive your money.

The problem is people working in jobs do not know what hard work is. 

Hard work is not working for 19 hours. Hard Work is what is the outcome of those 19 hours. 

How do you treat those 19 hours?

You will agree in an office environment; when we do extra work or shifts, we do not work that heavy.

Mostly the time is kept on adding, and we get the additional recognitions and some perks.

When it's your business or side hustle, you need to make sure every minute is essential. It would be best to put in all that you have got with no coffee or tea breaks.

This is the difference I am trying to pick out between job-based hard work and self-employed hard work. The responsibility is with many people in the job. Thus we tend to be a bit sluggish.

A day in a month comes in wherein you have to sit in the office for extra four or five hours.

In-office, we sit late working on the same things we have been doing with added two or three challenges: This is not the case in business or blogging. You are always on your toes.

And it is never going to be the same part of your job. In a job, things like these give you extra recognition and possibly a good appraisal.

And appraisals are never enough. To be frank, in any part of the world because the economy does not work that way. Salary is always going to be less compared to the financial requirement of that person or city.

I am leaving a few professions and jobs aside. And if you are one in those professions, then you would not be reading this blog.

In business or the blogging world as well, you have to grind first and grind long. With no confirmation or certainty. Or no reference document.

You have to grind twice like anything for the first six months, and then you start seeing results.

And after that, you start making money. People compare this six months timeline with monthly earnings. 

But they forget the amount that businesses or bloggers earn in the next year or six months pays for the entire year. It's like bodybuilding, where you do not see any results for the first six months. 

We just see the outer tones, and once you pass that mark, you start to feel, and everything changes visually. And that is the reason so few people have great bodies, and so few people are successful at blogging or business.

How did I learn to Grind?

My philosophy is simple: 

If I am putting in 12 hours of work for someone else and getting 1/800th part of the annual income of the company, 


Why not put in that much effort or more than that in my venture and earn 800 times more?

5. Inaction

Inaction is not taking action even when we know the route—this the new definition of inaction.

In offices, we are accustomed to waiting for the decisions to arrive.

For the permission to be granted, or for the email confirmations.

All these things contribute to our inaction. 

Because when we are working and in the flow of work, we are stopped with the protocols and procedures. 

All the flow of work vanishes as time passes. 

We cannot take action because we need confirmation and waste our time doing some other stuff or going for a break.

Mindset Shift Before Starting Your Blog

All the essence of energy and kinetic push dims down.

So this brings inaction and loss of thought process and weaker cognitive abilities. 

Always dependent, no power of decision making.

If you recollect, many of us say, “I was great in college days. Intelligent and one of very fast thinkers”. “I don't know what happened now.”

This is what is happening right now. Your brain and cognitive controls are with someone else.

The management or higher management does all the thinking work or the decision-making part.

You are just executing those things. Sometimes we may have a say to some extent in some cases.

But even when we have a say in some matters, 

What happens when that suggestion is not registered, or you do not see that coming, in the final decision?

You become reluctant or start looking yourself in the lows as if you did it all wrong. 

And then you do not care. 

Thinking these decisions are never valued.

And then starts the downward spiral, and ultimately you stop thinking on any terms.

Thus now you cannot even think for your benefit, and therefore you have so many doubts.

Way to Overcome

If you have a comfortable life and comfortable with it, you will never drive to action.

I had a comfortable life, but I was not comfortable in that life.

I wanted something of my own.

Because I do want to have the pressure of paying the EMI bill or buying things on EMI or credit.

I never wanted these things in my life, so I took action.

The reason will drive you to start a blog or take matters into your hands for your side hustle.

This reason for taking action will not be done for you. It will be done only by you for yourself.

Or think in terms of a pandemic. 

Do you want to wait for the worst pandemic to happen, so you lose all you have and start over?

6. Responsibility

I am not saying that people doing the job are not responsible.

Understand this; you are given a particular part of the work you perform for 2-3 months. 

You feel that has a responsibility, and yes, it does, initially. But later, it becomes your second nature and then mundane work.

If this were not true, then 85% wouldn't be irritated or stuck in their day job and not feel happy.

The thing is, we are never given real responsibilities.

Even if you are Manager or a floor manager, most of the tasks are done by second-hand command. 

And seldom do they have something challenging and new.

And you are only able to make decisions when there is an emergency with one of the clients or products.

This happens once in a while or once in a month that does not bring in the beast out of you. 

The reason is you are either promoted or directly recruited for this position. 

The work is not new. You have experience with other companies or products. Thus in 2 weeks, you start understanding or getting the job done.

CEO or higher management has to decide which no one has ever done, or it is always something new.

The same is with blogging and side hustles.

In jobs, if something very new is encountered, all the company is behind proving their greatness.

Again you become the executioner.

These are standard responses which you are sure about. It is the reason your brain does not function in a very optimum way.

There is always a new task in blogging or side hustles—tasks that require hundreds of decisions to be made.

You do not start because you do not want that much responsibility.

The Game Changers every day.

The updates mess up something, or Google changes their search engine way.

So this is one of the reasons, and it's harder to get started as a blogger or hustler.

How I did it?

In this sense, I was pretty lucky.

When I was working in my cubicle, I always treated that cubicle as my small business.

So whenever clients used to call, I used always to offer them something extra.

I used to give them extra time. Explained to them things which trainers or another pre salesperson would have missed.

I used to make sure that they get the best out of the service which we have offered.

With this attitude, I was always responsible for whatever I was saying over the phone.

Due to this treatment, it was not hard for me when I started working on my own

Bring or develop such kinds of attitudes.

7. Comfortable

Already covered it in example form.

I would like to add is that comfort has become a necessity for you. Meaning you have become so comfortable that you are ready to make adjustments to your goals to your wishes to your holiday destinations.

But you are not ready to upgrade or Hustle so hard that you do not have to make these many adjustments to your life.

Mindset Shift Before Starting Your Blog

You just get used to making adjustments cutting corners buying cheap tickets, and all other similar things. 

You do not come out of the job mentality and fight for your or your family's well-being.

This is what comfortable means.

How Did I overcome it?

As already mentioned, I was never comfortable with my job.

I always wanted to start something on my own which made money with working comfort.

Here comfort means no reporting and unnecessary stress from someone else. Everything's up to me.

This is a very personal thing that one has to work on to figure out what can be done.

Nothing I can suggest directly.

8. Real Hard Work

You will never realize what real hard work is in Jobs or even in managerial or middle management positions. 

Because most of the jobs are mundane and have processes and procedures which are automatically taken care of.

But when you start a side hustle, first you have to think about what needs to be done.

It would help if you came up with solutions, and finally, you create a procedure for that.

And then you start executing. You do all this, and this requires a lot of hard work.

I am not saying that people doing the job do not do hard work. They do hard work, but that is instructed by someone else.

And that is the reason it feels hard, but it would not feel stiff when it comes out of you. 

You will be able to do the real hard work, which will reward you in a much more excellent way. 

Inside hustles, you do not have certainty and still have to work hard. 

This is not bad because that is how businesses work. 

You just have gotten into the job mentality. Thus it seems out of the world.

There is nothing to overcome or start again. You have to start your hustle or a blog, and plans keep on unfolding.

9. Learning

Another thing and the most common thing which keeps you from starting your blog or even get into higher management is learning.

Humans are lazy By nature. The thing is, if we do not learn, we would not be able to earn.

as Warren Buffett as said  

“Learning brings you a EARNing.”

Every wealthy person has this one trait. 

Or forget about them. They are billionaires.

Ask your top management people how much time they spend learning things?

They have to attend meetings; they meet new people they cannot be embarrassed with not knowing certain things.

They have to read a lot and keep up with everything.

And we, on the other hand, are aiming for the weekend sale or trying to get the new game.

There is nothing terrible in gaming. 

We play games, but we do not prioritize things.

And learning is not something only related to your office job or blogging.

It is a normal process. In blogging/side hustles, learning will be regular work. 

Mindset Shift Before Starting Your Blog

Every day many things change in business. 

They are pretty dynamic. 

There will be changes in Google. There will be changes in the social media platforms.

You have to learn them and implement them.

So this is a lifelong learning experiment.

After looking at so many things, even I thought that job is relatively easy.

Understand this, and you do not have to do so many things at once; these are all done over some time. 

If this does not excite you, then possibly, side hustles are not for you.

How did I do it? 

Even I was not ready to learn new things, and I was very laid back.

The Technology thing pushed and forced my learning.

I was an IT Architect, and it was tough to stay behind because there was so much Technology innovation done in the last ten years.

If I spent so much time learning things for some other company, why not spend more time teaching blogging/business/side hustle.

And making my side hustle successful?

This hit the spark, and I am happy to learn now.

10. Gratification

The killer of all things which we have today is gratification/instant gratification.

This is the leading killer in all the processes or happiness which we process in our life.

Everything has become a click of a button or a touch.

We think that our life works or should work in this manner.

We become more impatient and or resistive to things.

We think everything should work like technology or apps. 

Thinking this, we even try to find some solution to our behavior traits or problems in apps.

This mentality comes from working with computers and Instagram types of apps. 

You think that everything is like clicking a picture. It's not like that.

Lifeworks only on the principle of uncertainty.

Only the computers and apps work with certainty.

Mindset Shift Before Starting Your Blog

And that is the reason we are gratified with using apps and computers because they follow our instructions. 

There is no risk in watching YouTube videos, no mental involvement, no burden, and no responsibility.

That is just a temporary high.

We go shopping online when we feel bored, but we do not figure out why we think bored having everything around the desk.

While we are bored, we buy things to make us feel instantly gratified.

What is the reason I said we do not know what real hard work is because whenever some hard thing comes to us, 

we fly to devices. 

Attention to the app, or we go shopping websites and term these things with fancy terms like therapy shopping and all that nonsense.

It would help if you came out of the gratification unit to grind hard. You need to work hard and make your life successful, steady, and stable.

And all this comes from honest hard work, which we have been talking about using your mental capabilities in the best possible ways.

And they are making more and more income out of it.

So the rest of your life is not dependent on the markets, economics, or any stuff or your lovely boss.

You have complete control of your money because you have ample money.

How do I overcome it?

Frankly speaking, even I was stuck in this rut of gratification, but I was always into reading books.

I never wasted much of my time on Instagram and Facebook. I did join them, though.

But I used YouTube for improvement. I customize my feed with aggressive not interested and don't recommend this channel function.

So even if I wanted to do some waste of time, my YouTube feed was not having any songs or any latest happening.

And I created this mentality of 

“what's in it for me.”

Instead of wasting time by scrolling the feed, I could read something important. Or I could write 300 words of a blog post which may have the potential of earning 1$ per day in the next 2-3 months.

This is how I started thinking.


My only wish is to start your blog into anything or any field, whichever you like.

And get that feeling of power and control.

Earn a lot of money to fulfill all your needs and do not make any adjustments in your life.

Even if this post does not resemble you or you may have felt hurt, there is nothing to feel that way because I have just shared my personal experience.

I have 20 of my friends, very precise, and having the same feelings and doing nothing about it.


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