8 Easy Ways To Survive Google Search Updates | Never Worry Again

You get to know the basics of SEO for Lifetime . It makes sure you will have no worries no matter how many times google updates their algorithm.

Because there is one thing which Google wants you to do all the time. Help Users!

Did you feel the chill last time google said they are updating their algorithm.

If not then this is possibly not for you. But if you feel any uncertainty then it is a good read.

In this article we lay out what are the reasons we feel dreaded every time there is a Google update. And the solutions of course.

To be worry free and make your time and money count only follow these and you should not have worries.

For Direct Points.

Does this mean your site may not go down in rankings?

NO! What this means is that you will hold your ground as the update phase is passing. 

You will have confidence in your work and that the website will gain its Momentum once again.

If you are not aware the ranking of all the sites go down for a while when there is an update. Until the algorithm learns and starts to perform.

My Self Learning Experience

I have shared my experience through the post whenever required. This is just a glimpse.

For my amazon affiliate website I never worried about any updates. Why? Because I do not manipulate things and users.

For the search algorithms to work well they try and experiment. It is called the sandbox and honeymoon period. 

In this period they help small websites or new websites to rank higher and see the user response. If it's good they start to rank higher else start to rank lower.

Understand that there is so much information that google has to go through and give the best user experience to everyone. In every corner of the world. 

So they make sure they do not rank a website with mediocre content. Or Unhelpful one.

Problem With Us

We try to read everything under the sun and try to implement Everything At Once!

We are so obsessed with Search Engine Optimisation that we are paying for courses after courses.

And trying to figure out the best possible hack to get on the number one list without putting in the effort.

Yes this is true we are ready to do everything but are not ready to put in the effort.

This is a simple outcome of what our thinking styles are right now.

The Confidence with Google

I have an Amazon affiliate site. On which I wrote an article about best shaving razors.
I did not do the keyword research. I didn't even have the SEO plugin which people say is used for ranking. 

I just wrote an article of about 5000 words. Putting in my personal experience.

Those 5000 words were not based on the analytics and the thinking of competitors. Like you should have long content with spaced lines and subtitles. That comes naturally when you start writing for the user.

I wrote all the conditions which I had for buying the best possible razor for a person who is working from home.
So I kept all these thoughts in mind and I wrote the article. I published it.

That was the only article which I had written and published in the next three months.

I published this in the beginning of 2020.After 3 months it started ranking and toll date it makes me 100-200 dollars. 

More and more keywords are ranked as the days pass.

Similarly, I wrote an article on anti glare glasses. 

Again with personal touch. 

Same story it ranks higher than amazon and other local ecommerce websites.

This is where I came to know, the way you put that extra sense,  personal perspective and help users decide it works.

When you put in personal experience, people get connected with you.

Then you do not have to sell anything you automatically convince based on the experience.

After all this, I added the SEO plugin and there was not much difference.
Which means Google has the capability to read and understand your website quite well.
It did not stop to rank or read the keywords.

I will also tell you that I added a copy text from the Amazon website to show the user What the manufacturer is saying. 

All other text was written by me.

Google ranked me in the top 3 all the time with a completely new website which had only one single article on it, nothing else.

So my experiment about testing google on my own was successful.

With that understood let's get the basic points.

If you are not aware google never shows exact rankings. This website is ranked for keywords in India.

Stop Thinking About Google

This may come as a very opposite advice compared to what everyone is giving right now.
But the thing is, you are not writing for Google, you are writing for users. 

The ultimate goal for Google is to provide the best possible value in the shortest possible time for each and every user. 

When you are writing something you have to keep this simple fact in mind.
If a user is turned off and leaves your site at a certain time it is a bad impression. 

Google makes note of it as information was not that helpful compared to any other website. And no good rankings.

So instead of tricking how to check Google or any search engine for that matter try to figure out how you can help the user.

Keep yourself in the user’s shoes and try to figure out what they would be wanting at this time. This way you will automatically rank your blog or website.

Starting with next

Keyword Obsession

We are so obsessed with keyword tools and finding the next best possible keyword.
Assuming it will help you rank.
Or you think that these SEO tools will help you rank higher this is the misconception most of us are facing.

The tools help you based on their own calculation. Averaging and other methods to find the keyword analytics. Google has never revealed how the search engine calculates the ratings.

And tools do not help you to write better content or write the absolute content.

Instead of doing so much time on keyword research you should write an article which is really fulfilling.
And does a great job at user needs.

Keyword finding should be done to give you direction only. If you are reading this article, it does not have any keyword as such which is researched. 

This is an information article. Google does pick it up every now and then.

You can get one or two keywords initially from any keyword research tool. 

We use sem rush to get the keywords for all of our websites. Yes, the experiment of amazon site ranking was done to check what weightage these tools have.

So now we use keywords to find what users are searching and to have a direction for us.

This is the major difference in how we use SEM keyword tools.

You can check the tool for a free trial here.

The impatience and the thought of ranking Google in the next 15 days in making you search for things and not land anywhere.

Keywords are important but they’re not just the life line. Because in one of my articles I just created my own keyword and then I started ranking automatically for the other synonymous or related keywords.

So do not be dependent or cold shouldered when it comes to using keywords. Use keyword tools for direction and user intent. 

Last thing

Even the keyword with zero search volume keywords from keyword tools brings traffic to your site.

Now lets see How can this be better.

Solution Oriented

Keep your content or blog post solution oriented.
Like this one which you are reading.(Hope it is proving its value.) I am giving you small nuggets of absolute info which you can think of when you start writing your next blog post.

In this particular article the action is on your personal level. You need to make changes. 

Users always need something to look forward to. When they come to read your blog they want something in return. 

Else why would anyone read. 

As you are reading this you want actionable steps to make your writing experience worry free.

This is what in users shoes means. I thought about you. Thus I have provided an infographic as well.

No action on site makes users leave the site immediately.

Which indicates to Google that the article was not that helpful and it starts to rank you down.

Again the best solution to avoid this is to write a comprehensive and a great article and try to put in the same effort to each and every article you write.

Reviews & Latest Update

With the recent review update which Google will be rolling out a starting the month of June everyone is worried. Whether the blogs will be ranked less or higher.

This should not be a concern if you have written the content with all the possible requirements of users’ intent or complete information.

When I wrote review articles I already used schema dn made sure I have all the details the user can possibly look for or can link to.

Imagine you want to buy a coffee maker. How would you decide?

  • Price point.
  • Price to performance
  • Maintenance
  • Easy of use
  • Capacity
  • Who should buy it

If you expand on these parameters then there will be no need to worry about any update.

Because beyond this there could be only corners which could be improved.

What does precisely mean when you are writing a review the user is thinking on multiple lines. 

  • How beneficial the product may be for them? 
  • How beneficial has it been for you?

These all parameters will help the users decide on the purchase.

This has a double benefit. Users stay on your site for longer and also the chances of buying from your amazon link are increased.

So you get a sale as well as good standing in the eyes of search engines.

A Thought

When you have worked for an entire year then ONE DAY would not matter!

And When you have not worked for an entire year, even then ONE DAY would not matter!

Meaning If you have put in consistent effort for better writing and users, one mistake would not matter in articles.

But if you have been inconsistent in providing value and after Algorithm Update you start doing it, then too it wouldn't matter. You will have to put in more effort.

A Simple Writing Suggestion

Write product reviews or any information based on experience. How do you gain experience of everything under the sun?

Say you do not have a particular model of coffee maker. But you want to review it. Then go to google and youtube. Search for the particular model.

  • Makes notes on the best 5 points you like
  • Worst 5 points you did not like
  • Expand those points with your perspective.
  • Once you have them you can easily conclude.
  • Help decide whether this is for them or not.

I have done this for all my review websites on Amazon India. Now I am least bothered about any update from Google. Because,

my intention was not selling that particular product, but always whether it suits the reader or What kind of user?

You do not have to tell them What is beneficial for them? 

You have to answer: 

  • How would this be beneficial?
  • In What instances?

They will decide on their own. 

The Last Touch

We are in an age where everybody is trying to gain attention. So what extra would you bring to users’ lives?

We all have a lot of experiences in our life and we need to add and incorporate those in our writing.

Whether it is a blog post or an affiliate review or copywriting article.

Without that it will be just an information or statistical kind of data which no user likes that much.

I do not know how well I am doing in helping you or writing good articles. But based on analytics I think it is good. And I am always striving for better.

While writing, always think about whether you are going to like this particular article or not.

From a users’ perspective try to think how much time will you stay on this article.

Now when I was writing this article I thought that the reader would at least spend 20 to 30 seconds.
Going through and glimpsing through the article this time frame is enough.

Because given the current user's attention span, 20 to 30 seconds is a great figure.

If I have made a mistake in judging the users then I will come to know in the statistics and Google analytics. And have a chance to improve.

If I have done the correct measurement then I will gain more confidence.

As you have observed I have provided personal touch in the entire article which comes from experience.

This helps the user believe and have connection with the problems. 

This is how you should keep the article and test the article to make sure that whatever you have given is best for the user.

This is another thing which everybody is so much worried about. Thinking that without a link you won’t be able to rank.

I know this is a very important parameter from Google.
But think about this.

What is the way that new website will find the way at the top?

If link building is so important then no new website would stand a chance to rank higher.

You get two for the benefit of one

Write great content with users in mind providing highest information on all aspects.


This will get search engines eyes on your site and start to rank higher.

Secondly, if you write great content the higher authority sites will automatically start linking to your site.

So ultimately great content with consistent effort is the key.

So instead of building links try building your blog and content first.
Then try to get those links which will be quite easier.

I have seen people writing 20 blog posts which are of okay value and quality and they are pushing for emails to other bloggers for a link back.

Imagine would you give such a blog a link back. NO!

Here is an example 

Consider yourself an investor.

If I come to you and I show that this is the apartment on paper. It has great value because we will be creating value in the next 3 years for sure. 

Would you be convinced to buy that apartment?

I will have to show you something at least a demo of something in or a place where we are planning to get this done.

On the other hand if I build a huge project which is quite beautiful.

Great in value. Then if I approach you I will get one sale or at least a possibility of a great connection.

And in the future I will have someone I can go to first for investment.

Treat your blog like a venture capitalist and not just like some piece of paper.

Follow Basic SEO

Following basic SEO techniques is the norm for all of us who are in the blogging SEO or whatever online industry you are in.

follow basic seo to rank higher even in updates.

What is the definition of basic SEO?

This depends and keeps on changing depending on personal preferences. And on the information which may surround the internet.

To know the basics follow basic guides of websites which have created names based on analysis and service.

These three resources will be enough for you to gain all that is to all types of SEO.

I have given the basic steps I follow.

If you are not satisfied with the steps you should follow the resources mentioned above. 

Else you will keep on searching for resources instead of doing the work.

The Basics of any SEO
  • Shingle primary keyword – Best coffee makers for singles
  • 2-3 Secondary keywords
  • Coffee maker under 100 for singles
  • Portable coffee makers for singles
  • Primary keyword in the starting para if you can.
  • Keywords in subtitles like; the above secondary keywords can become subheadings.
  • Making use of keyword synonyms.
  • Coffee Maker – coffee machine for home.
  • Write an informative article. Already mentioned.
  • Adding images to give users eye a break.
  • Like this article has images in between.
  • Adding alt tags to images.
    You can describe an image with a bit of keywords or explain what the image is about.

Keeping standard blog post format

  • Intro
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Interlinking articles which are relevant.

Keep Helping

This is the most simplest and easiest thing to do but very few of the website owners do, is KEEP HELPING!

If you keep helping other users you do not have to worry about Google at all. 

Because a user which has used your website will automatically link to it, or refer to it and mention it somewhere. 

help better to rank better in google update

Similarly I mentioned a few sites for SEO. Because they have great content.

Someone somewhere while speaking or someone will tweet about your site automatically. So over the period of time you will have the authority of your website. Without worrying much about other things.

Remember you cannot skip promoting your site on social media. Promotion is different than pushing people for links.

Because mind well even if you do Link building and your content is not up to the mark you will waste your time in Link building, and resources, money and your blog will still be a mediocre blog.

Instead of getting the best link building package on fiverr try hiring some good content writers on fiverr.

Try to provide insights with examples and thought processes which will help the user.

insights on google updates

Because imagine yourself surfing you always remember the website which provided you the solution.
Not the website which was the most beautiful looking UI. 

And the user does not even know whether Link building is done or not.

Like if you have a camping website and you just have countless tents and all other things listed over there but no particular insights. Then What is the difference between your site and the site which is selling it.

This is what helps users. Making money is only possible if you solve a problem.


Think on what is the most resonating point you have from this read. Try to implement it. ION existing article. Doing this you will have new insights in older articles. 

Again you will have the benefit of updating older posts and making content better for users. So again search engines will be happy to see this.

Please let me know whether this article was helpful for you or not.

Whether your time was worthwhile. Else let me know in the comments.

If you Found this Worthy. Consider Sharing.

Steps to counter google update.


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