15 Things How Affiliate Marketing Helps To Excel In Office Job

Are you stuck in job. Get started both ways. Meaning Learning affiliate marketing and implementing its basics politics. If it does not work start your affiliate marketing business.

Are you planning on starting a side Hustle, or are you still planning to start your blog? The title may be funny, but knowledge of affiliate marketing does go well in all circumstances.

In this read, you will know the actual value of learning affiliate marketing so that you can use it in every possible way.

If you learn it today, it can be helpful in your life and your side hustle in every way.

Affiliate marketing is not just about doing your own business. It is about learning about people and their needs.

Starting an affiliate marketing blog is easy; making it successful is a task. 

And you will know in sometime, it is more about how you look at things?
Do you consider a perspective change?
How willing are you to learn and earn?

Let's look at the fun points and make most of them.

Affiliate Marketing for Jobbers!

How it works

A fundamental thing about anything is that you should know how it works? So Affiliate Marketing is quite simple: you are the promoter of someone else's product or service.

You use that product and review it or give your view to a person who needs that product.

And if you convince that person to buy it, you get a commission.

It is based on referring and not selling. Selling is when you create a need for the product even if the person does not require it.

You do not have to do the convincing part because when you use the product yourself, the influence matter automatically strikes out from within.

And this is how you convince anyone.

And for that convincing power, the owner of the product gives a commission.

You may say this is very basic.

This basic and simple thing has many significant implementations in your behaviour, office space, family and relationships.

It helps for good notes with the boss. I think everyone should know what is affiliate marketing?

And, How to implement it in various walks of life? So now you know about affiliate marketing, let's explore more.

Affiliate Marketing, Where it works?

We are done with how to. Now the question is, where can you make it work?

I still do not believe it. It works everywhere.

Imagine your friend coming to you asking what to buy? where to buy? and how to buy? 

Why does he approach you? 

Because you have experience of the product or you have used the product or service.

So when you give him and suggest all the elements of the product, your job is done. Whether a purchase is made or not, it's up to your friend.

Consider that you are a promoter of the product, and he wants the same product.

Wouldn't he be happy, or she be glad to buy that product?

Or if we take it otherwise. 

You are the promoter of that product, and you do not like that product much or have a bad experience.

So obviously you will not recommend that product. 

And you say, So will not make a commission. 

No, you will not. But you have a new trust with a p[otential customer.

He will put more confidence in you every time.

And the possibility will be he will be a regular customer, or he will always approach you.

So if this works in a simple friendship, then it should work in all cases wherein there is a question.

This means there is a need there for affiliate marketing.

This is just an example; you can use the same technique in the office or at home. And you will not earn commissions, but you will have the potential of a lovely family, a great team and much more.

Affiliate Marketing, Where it applies?

Does it not apply when you go to buy groceries.

Yes, it does.

Because the labels or the attendant tells you that this particular thing if you buy X, you'll get X+2 free.

What are they doing? Affiliate marketing.

There may be more commission or more incredible benefits for promoting that product.

And, who asked them to promote that offer? The company of the product.

It does not mean that the price of the product is inflated.

It is the best way to create brand awareness or promote things.

So does this mean it applies everywhere? In our economy, everyone is referring to or selling something.

If you are in a job, you sell your skills and refer individuals for a referral bonus.

You ask for a reference when you are applying for a new job. Only the words change, the mechanism remains the same.

I hope you have understood that what I'm trying to say is that you do not have to fear affiliate marketing.

It is pretty easy to do. You just need to know the right approach.

There are no tips and tricks or shortcuts.

There can be specific rules which are to be followed.

How to leverage in business ?

This is the simplest type of marketing you can do.

And the most beneficial for any business. Whether personal or professional.

Say you start a product or a service company.

If you want to show your product to the world, What are your options?

  • Traditional media
  • Banners
  • Boards
  • Newspapers

Now Text links, social media placements and video ads.

If you consider television, the money they charge between shows is probably more than your entire research.

They trust in seconds for each ad loop they play between breaks.

And the result depends. Because your advertisement does not land on the people who need it, It lands everywhere.

So money to result in the ratio is quite hard to estimate.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can approach ten bloggers, influencers and affiliate marketers.

You can let them use this product which you have or the service.

Now you may say I have to distribute it accessible to them.

You will have twofold benefits from them. How?

Feedback for your current product service.

And if your product is ready, they will be the best to promote it because they have used it. 

Their will to sell will be at an all-time high because their feedback was respected. 

Now you need to pay the commission and that too only when they make a sale. Only a qualified sale. If there are returns, then they do not get the commission.

This is only a Win-Win deal.

 In commercial advertisements, you are just placing the product in front of thousands of eyeballs.

But there is no guarantee that the same reciprocity will be seen in sales regarding the money spent on adverts.

In affiliate marketing, someone else promotes the product for you—the only most complex tasks in marketing.

So now you can concentrate on the product more.

How to leverage it for colleague work

We all have been through the office or any kind of job.

Where we work with someone else or are dependent on someone else for specific tasks. 

If you are a boss to get tasks done. What is the deal? 

We all are dependent on each other's skills and work. So when you need something to be done, we usually say get this done, and you will have a treat. 

This same thing can be used as a bargaining chip when you are in the boss position. You control appraisals.

This is not something terrible. It is an office environment. People are there are to get specific tasks done. 

Only benefits are considered there, and the company goals are valued more.

You can act as a mediation between colleagues and boss to get things done. 


Your product for your boss is managing skills. Your product for your colleagues is leadership skills.

The commission for you is your promotion, respect, increment or better job exposure.

If you think on these lines, you will not have quarrel days or bad days in office—no impact of policies politics on your brain.

I am no different. Even I use to think, and all happens with me. 

Once I learned about affiliate marketing, and started my side hustles. I 

learned everyone benefits from one another. 

And if they do not, you lose value and control.

This is just a single example. But if you look deep, you will have many things to look forward to.

Learn affiliate marketing.

How affiliate marketing helps in teamwork?

If I am the boss, which I already am.

I would like to know my team to know about affiliate marketing. Why? Because it will keep quarrels to a minimum. 

Really? Let's check it.

If you (and everyone) are good at affiliate marketing, every individual will be in one or the other way trying to help the other person.

Reason? Recognition some traction and a slight edge.

Here again, the promotion or to be better in front of the boss by genuinely working on the project may be the motive. And getting the appraisal edge and all other sorts of benefits of the job.

Even in offices, there is a concept of internal customers and external customers.

Internally we work as teams together.

So why not make some commission by working with different teams. Here commission is recognition and the enhancements it brings to your payday.

Well, you say, not every time this is going to work. This is true not only for this and affiliate marketing but everywhere. And still, you do the job.

With a similar mentality, you can put in a side hustle and get started with affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing & Discipline

We as humans have always been striving to do one thing correct in our life, that is consistency.

The best part is affiliate marketing only works when you work daily. Else it stops working.

People say that if we start an affiliate marketing blog, we do not have to work.

That's true to some extent, but the commissions are not constant. They keep fluctuating. 

You need to keep learning, and for that, you need to be consistent.

At learning, thinking and planning. 

So, when affiliate marketing with real intent, you will be consistent because your income will go down. 

It keeps you on your toes, and it's a good thing. Because as humans, we immediately et into the comfort zone and become complacent.

IT provides us with a combination of task and income. IN the job, most of the days, we do regular and mundane work. But here, every day is a new type of work or challenge. ANd this is what matters.

To excel in life, disciplined work in affiliate marketing will play a good role.

Respect & Affiliate marketing

Now, this is a bit offbeat. 

 I think I should add it because we as humans are always ready to help in some or another way(exceptions aside).

We can only help someone when we have the calling and have no resistance to doing help.

Doing this thing requires self-esteem. And the people who have self-esteem automatically command request without fighting for them.

This is not some arrogant behaviour I am talking about.

You cannot discredit a person who helps out always.

You learn this in affiliate marketing as well. Because if you do not be genuine in helping with solutions soon, you will lose reputation and trust.

And without it, it will be hard for you to move forward.

As affiliate marketing requires going through the product or service by self, you know the pain points and are seldom ready to make bad suggestions to the user or the seeker.

By doing this and imbibing this thought process, you will be disciplined automatically and help others reach their destination whether you get benefit or not. This way, you will always have followers.

YOu will be the first person they shall approach when they need any suggestion.

This in itself brings respect and an improved self-image.

Family & Affiliate Marketing

No! I am not going to tell you that affiliate marketing will give you more time. Time management for a family is way different.

But affiliate marketing does bring good things for your family because it is not dependent on the weekly pay. 

Money with it brings power.

And family, no matter how much you love each other, that's a very different part, and money is a very different part.

And to have a happy family, money is quite essential, and in countries like the United States or any other country, money matters a lot.

Happiness cannot be bought, but it can be created, and individually, you can manage your pleasure. 

But when you are responsible for other 2 or 3 people's happiness, then money does make it.

It's about stillness at home. When you have money, there are no quarrels on pity things. It's like when you start your first relationship.

Everything is excellent and happy.

At least the quarrels which you may have are legit and are based on a mistake. The stereotypes are shut down.

Affiliate marketing is one thing that can help you eradicate that.

I did not say help or remove.

To eradicate your money problems, you need affiliate marketing and a side hustle income.

This is the way I was able to remove all negatives from family life. This is my personal experience. It does not have to correlate with you. 

But it has the truth.

Self Improvement

With affiliate marketing, you will not just get discipline. It is just beginning.

You have a complete self-improvement cycle. How?

Because one thing that affiliate Marketing makes you do is READING!

It was making up ideas, coming with innovative thoughts, compiling information from all sources. This all requires the play of reading.

The reading part makes you stand out in the market.

Gives your promotion the extra flair.

You see new horizons, and you try and make understanding possible in all aspects.

I did start my reading habit when I was embarrassed in front of a team.

Since then, I never stopped reading. 

Reading is going to reshare your brain in more than one way. There will be a million new connections that you have never thought of.

And this comes through affiliate marketing. It makes you money. And money, in maximum cases, is the driver.


Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  

But it is a scheme which can change your life for the remaining part in a very positive and graceful way.

As mentioned earlier, discipline is the starting point. 

So if you see so many changes or at least see the potential, persistence will undoubtedly arrive.

Whatever you think you want to acquire in your life comes through this one word which is persistence.

If it's not there, forget about affiliate marketing you cannot achieve or do anything anywhere.

This quality is dependent on discipline. Affiliate marketing will bring that for you, provided you follow your affiliate course.

Because discipline brings patience, and if tolerance is attained, you will be persistent.

So affiliate marketing will make sure that you are persistent because there are so many strategies you will always keep trying to hit the next money mark.

Better to be in this loop of trying new things. Which will keep you persistent. 

And once it is developed here, you can apply it anywhere. should automatically keep you persistent

Pressure handling

Affiliate marketing makes us better at handling all types of staff and pressure.

You have juggled through so many things, and works need to work in various ways in affiliate marketing. 

It makes sure you become a solid rock in every way.

Because selling someone, to convince someone to buy something makes sure that you have all the capabilities and thought processes.

Most people cannot do this, and that what takes you ahead in the game.

As a result, it makes you so hard and swift in thinking that whatever comes your way will never build any stress or pressure on you.

Provided you are persistent and made the first sale; you follow all affiliate marketing steps correctly.

You are going to be great at stress handling and pressure handling.

When you are persistent, no stress accumulates.

How to teach it?

Once you reach the point of handling the stress, you certainly know the tips, tricks and mantra.

So teaching becomes easy. With practical experience, everything becomes easy.

When you are ready to teach knowledge in your office, the returns are just an appraisal. But the same thing you do in your side hustle, the results are many folds.

Why teach this skill which you have attained with so much effort and perseverance?

Teaching gives you more insight. Education gives you authority. Teaching provides you with recurring income.

This is again common in all areas of life. Then how is affiliate marketing will teach you how to teach. Because no matter where you started learning affiliate marketing. But ultimately, you brush up so much; you have a different way of looking and doing affiliate marketing.

And that is the reason you know how to teach it.

Affiliate Marketing & Relationships

 I am no relationship expert, that is for sure.

But I do not have bad relationships either because I came to know what people think since I started affiliate marketing.

Which I analyzed further.

When they are buying or taking any action, we tend to come to know what people think.

Why they did not buy? to find this, I read on emotional intelligence.

Slowly I got better at thinking about what the person is thinking or when should we speak. 

When should we not? 

And in that process, you get better at coordination of thing speaking and execution. 

In turn, you get better at relationships. 

I am not talking about your fiance and marriage relationship.

I am talking about a relationship with friends and customer. 

Because you are so inclined towards reading in implementing new things to improve business and yourself.

You will always avoid quarrels. 

Because with reading and business you will come to know there is much more to life.

When people throw you in bad situations, you will always have the tough mentality to counter any sensibility and smartness. 

Rather than just becoming a receiving end.

 YOu will have amassed the power to counter situations, and for the new ones, you'll have the technique to learn further.

This is how affiliate marketing benefits you in all possible ways. 

You say why affiliate marketing? This can be learned with life and with other things as well.

Well in first of all 

Affiliate marketing is free. 

It just need to make a blog and Makes you money

Not payday money but large sums if you put in the hard work.

Affiliate Marketing & Self-image

This is a crucial thing, which is why it was kept for last to make sure that you read it or scroll down till here. 🙂  

This is crucial because if you do not have a powerful self-image, it is tough to do anything in life.

Let alone affiliate marketing.

If you start affiliate marketing somehow, it would be complicated to become successful in it.

Thus discipline and persistence were spoken earlier. With them, you can put in daily half-hour work. And increase the work in small increments.

This way, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and thus, you will undoubtedly be on the path to success.

Directed efforts never go in vain.

When you get that sense of completion and self-achievement, your self-image receives a boost, and it becomes more robust over time.

You see yourself as a person who kept going on, became disciplined and achieved consistency.

At this point, only this matters. Money shall pour in as a by-product of the efforts.

It's like three frogs decided to jump. How many jumped?

None. They just decided.

So with this effort, you will undoubtedly reach levels of monetary success.

This is not going to happen in the next two months. You will see a gradual process. Processes are not linear. Some days are way down; some days are way high.

That is fine. The matter is you keep doing.

I was the person who was the last one in the class, so that nobody should ask me a question.

I used to hide everywhere. Once I started reading when I was insulted mentioned above.

I took money as a motivator and kept on reading for 8 to 10 hours a day to ensure that I do not miss anything on affiliate marketing.

The challenges were no internet. I used GPRS and did all the reading.

Used the old age bulky monitor. 

The reading changed my complete thought process. I started working for someone else; of course, I did not have that much confidence when I started.

Then I saw whatever I read was getting connected by working for someone else. It boosted my confidence.

Because I knew many things that others did not. 

It again boosted my self-confidence, and slowly and steadily, in the next 6 to 8 months, I had a different and enhanced self-image.


 If you like any of the points or have any of the issues you think can be added to this particular article, please comment.

So this was the thing with the funny title, but yes, a boss would require these qualities in you.

But these qualities can certainly get you out of the 9-5 rut as well.


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