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Get started with your idea with a simple blog. No matter the topic. We have you covered. All blog strategies covered for you by topic.

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    How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money Online

    Getting a blog online is easy. But the direction it needs is difficult. That is where we change gears. We let you know what is needed for your blog

    Do not worry if you are just spiraling with your fashion blog idea. We have given all the steps towards a successful fashion blog

    How to Start a Book Blog and Make Money Online

    Why not make reading a money making venture. If you can read you can write. Let's generate a might out of it.

    Get guided with simple steps to make most of your love for reading.

    Worked on

    Fashion Niche

    Food & Recipe

    Book & Ecomm.

    Business Blog

    Design it

    I help you design a blog in next 30 mins. Because why waste time on trivial things. You need to work on business Which is content.

    Content Generation

    Easier said than done. If you have proper path, it easy. That is what we deal with here. Let you know how to generate content

    Build it

    When you do it yourself, you save money and are ready for all business challenges. We prepare you for challenges with providing you steps but letting you work.

    Demystified SEO

    Remove the daemon of SEO. You will do it. Why? Because I do not sell any course for it. I tell you steps to follow for your blog posts and your SEO is done.


    Testimony from start a blog

    I have been more than grateful to KG. He has helped me setup in just minutes. Told me pros and cons. Everything was done in a matter of 60 mins. Cheers!

    – Kim Hoyot, Multi-niche Blogger, USA

    Testimony from Amazon Affiliate site

    A military precision clarity on getting started with Amazon Affiliate Website. Gives confidence and tips on working for next 2 years. He is just AWESOME.

    – Nerdy Staff Indian Client form USA

    Testimony for insights

    He has built example blogs which does not look great. Until he explains how businesses work and what you need in your blog. I was left mouth open with the simple and precise insights.

    – Decorer Kunal, Amazon Affiliate, USA.

    Testimony for complete blog

    Ask him for quotes website he will convince you to do better with yourself. He is a gem. Gave me so many topics to choose from, Guided me on every single step.

    – Seohyun, South Korea.

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